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Harness your experiences to overcome obstacles and build resilience

Experts’ advice on bouncing forward from betrayal.

Susan and Elaine bring with them decades of experience in the business world, both having experienced betrayal up close and personal. Their presentations are full of relatable narratives and sage wisdom that help audiences connect with their own experiences and tap into their personal power.

Book Susan and Elaine to speak at your next event to discuss one of the following speaking topics listed below. If there is a topic you don’t see covered, Susan and Elaine are happy to discuss the potential of tailoring topics to your group’s specific needs.

Susan's Speaking Topics:

  • How to successfully handle the trauma of betrayal, overcome the urge for quick revenge, consider the possibilities of forgiveness and most importantly to set a positive path for the future
  • How to develop resilience
  • How to recognize “red flags” or “something’s not right” moments
  • How to succeed in a family business
  • How to get onto a corporate board and succeed as a director
  • How to be selected as a director or executive of a private equity supported company, or of the private equity firm

Elaine's Speaking Topics:

  • How to Bounce forward from betrayal and /or failure
  • Minimizing betrayal trauma: reading red flags and keeping your power
  • Taking the Right Risks and Avoiding the Wrong Ones in Building Your Successful Career
  • The laws of corporate survival: How to avoid being blind-sided by organizational politics
  • The director’s role when the tone at the top is betrayal
  • Creating your company’s identity by focusing on purpose, culture and values
  • Creating strong teams through trust and psychological safety
  • How to balance upside and downside risk in seeking opportunities
  • How to succeed as an independent director in a family business
  • How family businesses can build trust and avoid betrayal

Susan Stautberg speaking

Susan Stautberg speaking on BETRAYED

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Upcoming Events

Colonial Dames Event

Palm Beach, FL - February 8, 2020

Women for Women Summit

Charleston, SC - College of Charleston School of Business - February 27, 2020

Presentation and Podcast for Board of Directors Group

Boston, MA - TBA

Babson College Women's Center

Boston, MA - TBA

Prominent Previous Appearances

Global Institute, Women Corporate Directors

Panama Chapter, Women Corporate Directors

Forbes Global Conference

Harvard Business School

Santander Women's Leadership Conference

Irving Oil Women's Leadership Forum

Babson Women’s Leadership Program

Women Corporate Directors Global Institute

Book Party and Signing

Newport, RI - July 8, 2019

Board Presentation and Podcast

Newton, MA - July 25, 2019

Book Launch Luncheon

San Francisco, CA - August 1, 2019

Book Party

Santa Fe, NM - August 6, 2019

Speech at Redwood Library

Newport, RI - August 14, 2019

Book Party and Speech

Chicago, IL - September 10, 2019

Book Party

St. Louis - September 12-13, 2019

The Acorn Club

Philadelphia - September 20, 2019


New York - October 1, 2019

Book Party and Speech

New York - October 2, 2019

Book Party

Washington, DC - October 25, 2019

WCD Event

Washington, DC - October 28, 2019

IWF Event

Palm Beach - November 2019

C200 Conference

Los Angeles - November 7, 2019

Book Party

Palm Beach, FL - November 11, 2019

Speaking at the Four Arts Society

Palm Beach, FL - November 12, 2019

IWF Event

Palm Beach, FL - November 20, 2019

Womens Corporate Directors (WCD) Event

Palm Beach, FL - January 8, 2020

Book Event

Palm Beach, FL - January 9, 2020

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