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"A plastic surgeon died of a heart attack while driving across the country. The wife discovers when dealing with his estate that he owns an apartment she didn’t know about near his office. She sends a real estate agent to look at it and decide what it can be sold for. The agent is surprised when a shapely woman opens the door. The doctor had a mistress. The real estate agent then had to explain that the apartment was going to be sold by the wife."

"He had invested in an oil and gas company and despite the company’s success, he had never received any returns. Finally, fed up, he went to court in November, with the intention of freezing all the company’s assets in December, the month that bonuses are paid and there are various projects pre-paid for the upcoming year. When the injunction hit, the CEO called him, furious, and said, “You can’t do this to me in December.” He replied, “You shouldn’t have done what you did to me for years.” The CEO threatened him, called for several days, and finally had to give in and pay him what he owed him to lift the injunction for the holidays."

"Woman meets an attractive man in a bar, wearing a world series baseball ring. He’s handsome and says he’s been a pitcher for the Red Sox. They date over several years on and off. He can’t make a commitment. One of her friends Google him and finds out not only is he not a Red Sox player, just a former guy who worked with the team, got a ring, but also had numerous affairs and children. He kept telling his girlfriends he had cancer and needed treatment when he left to be with other women."

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