Let Karma Take Care of It

Many of us nurture a fantasy of revenge after even the smallest slight. It fuels our dreams of the perfect putdown and the ultimate win, pulling the curtain back on the betrayer’s true character. Yet most of us choose to move forward, never turning the fantasy into reality. Revenge is a special type of punishment. […]

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Is Forgiveness Really Necessary?

Is Forgiveness Really Necessary? | Susan Stautberg & Elaine Eisenman

Betrayal is a hard pill to swallow.  Which is why the concept of forgiveness is hardly ever appealing.  The question becomes, is it your responsibility to forgive? After all, the healing process should be centered around what you need. To understand what forgiveness actually means, consider how Adam Cohen, researcher on the topic of forgiveness, […]

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Betrayal in the workplace: How to stand your ground

Relationships at work are complicated.  Each day you interact, collaborate, and commiserate with your coworkers – experiencing some of the greatest stresses and successes together.  With that kind of day-to-day engagement, relationships are forged and can grow or become challenging.  The problem with workplace relationships is, people are at their jobs to better themselves and […]

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