A Public Display of Betrayal: How to Cope with Betrayal in the Public Eye

If dealing with betrayal privately wasn’t bad enough, consider coping with betrayal in the spotlight or in a more public situation.  It’s in these particular scenarios that the need to maintain control becomes even greater for those betrayed.  However, before you can respond to betrayal in the most dignified and controlled way, it’s important to […]

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Is Forgiveness Really Necessary?

Is Forgiveness Really Necessary? | Susan Stautberg & Elaine Eisenman

Betrayal is a hard pill to swallow.  Which is why the concept of forgiveness is hardly ever appealing.  The question becomes, is it your responsibility to forgive? After all, the healing process should be centered around what you need. To understand what forgiveness actually means, consider how Adam Cohen, researcher on the topic of forgiveness, […]

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The 3 Most Important Lessons Learned from Betrayal Survivors

We are frequently asked, “What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from all the accounts of betrayal you’ve heard over the years?” One thing has been clear when speaking with all our survivors: bad stuff happens to everyone. Hurt, setbacks, and diabolical events touch all lives – there is no escape. However, inside all of […]

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It’s All in The Family: Strategies for Managing Betrayal Within the Family Business

When it comes to betrayal, family business is very different from any other types of business. Because it is based on “family,” there’s the belief that self-interest plays no part in the decision-making. It’s assumed that the “good of the family and the good of the business” take top billing, and all members share the […]

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Betrayal in the workplace: How to stand your ground

Relationships at work are complicated.  Each day you interact, collaborate, and commiserate with your coworkers – experiencing some of the greatest stresses and successes together.  With that kind of day-to-day engagement, relationships are forged and can grow or become challenging.  The problem with workplace relationships is, people are at their jobs to better themselves and […]

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