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Betrayed: A Survivor’s Guide to Lying, Cheating, & Double Dealing

Think back on a time when you were intentionally hurt by a coworker, family member, or friend. Does one particular situation come to mind? Maybe you have quite a few experiences that fit into this category. The unfortunate truth is that we have all been betrayed at some point in our lives, and no matter how well you believe you know someone, you may not fully know their moral compass.

Now, it’s time to learn from those painful experiences and move on into a better and brighter future. Susan Stautberg and Elaine Eisenman are authorities on betrayal. They have written Betrayed: A Survivor’s Guide to Lying, Cheating, & Double Dealing as an enlightening guide to navigating and overcoming betrayal, as well as knowing how to detect and prevent it.

In the book, you’ll meet Ben, who jumped at the opportunity to manage business operations at his best friend’s quickly-growing start-up, later only to be bought out behind his back. Then you’ll be introduced to Gina, an experienced businesswoman who sat on the board of a publicly traded company; that is until a new CEO takes over and wipes her career out from under her feet.

Comprised of numerous real-life accounts of betrayal in both professional and personal relationships, readers are presented with key takeaways to build a positive roadmap to the future. Upon finishing the book, readers will have a greater understanding of the importance of trusting your gut, the value of holding on to your power, and how to develop resilience and have the courage to move forward.

Moving forward can prove difficult without forgiveness. Forgiveness, when done correctly, frees you from the emotional pain that comes with betrayal. It has no “sell-by” date, and in the book, you’ll read about a story between two college friends who left a betrayal open-ended, until they ran into each other by chance five years later. But what happens when you’re betrayed by your own blood? In the book, we’ll introduce you to Carlos, a man whose story is full of all of the dark alleys a family business can run into.

Whether you’ve recently been betrayed or you simply want to learn how to protect yourself in the future, Betrayed: A Survivor’s Guide to Lying, Cheating, & Double Dealing is an essential addition to your library.

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