Assessment Results

Strong survival sense and good ability to BOUNCE

Based on your answers, you have the ability to trust your gut, put anxiety to good use and use seasoned judgment to good effect. You can likely anticipate when a betrayal is possible but can benefit from hearing the stories and strategies of others to prevent future betrayals.

Next Steps

Even though you scored in the high range, you can always use a little extra support and guidance. We think you would enjoy our chapter on Forgiveness. Download it, free of charge, for the opportunity to sample just a few of the insights and tools we have identified tools to help you survive betrayal, assess and learn from your experience, and most importantly, help you move forward with confidence and courage.

Congratulations on beginning your path to understanding how to survive and thrive from betrayal. To get the full story, you can purchase our book, Betrayed: A Survivor’s Guide to Lying, Cheating, and Double Dealing by clicking here.

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