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Both Susan Stautberg and Elaine Eisenman have witnessed and experienced betrayal and the toll it takes on a person’s life. With careers spanning from the political sector to corporate environments, Susan and Elaine combined decades of professional and personal experiences to create their book, Betrayed: A Survivor’s Guide to Lying, Cheating, & Double Dealing.

Susan Stautberg is a global corporate governance expert with proven advisory and private board experience. She is recognized as an innovative, multidimensional, executive bridge-builder, and serial entrepreneur. Specifically, Susan has significant expertise in strategic planning, business expansion, market development, and creating and managing strategic alliances. With a unique career that spans across business, media, and government, including the White House, Susan has established an extensive network of top-level quality relationships around the world.

As Governance Advisor to Atlantic Street Capital, Susan launched the first private equity firm organized effort to recruit women for portfolio executive positions, company boards, and customer advisory boards.

Susan recently retired as Chair and Co-Founder of the WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD) Foundation, the only global membership organization, and community of female corporate and private company directors. WCD has more than 2,500 members in 80 chapters around the world. Additionally, the Harvard Business School will soon be releasing a case study analyzing how Susan and co-chairs created WCD and transitioned it into a not-for-profit.

She is the President and CEO of PartnerCom Corporation, which creates and manages advisory boards, and co-founded OnBoard Bootcamp (OBB), an insider’s guide on how to be selected to a corporate, private company, or advisory board director position, and the Belizean Grove, a preeminent community and retreat for leading women who share knowledge and connections.

In her capacity as a corporate and nonprofit director, Susan has served on or created advisory boards for numerous organizations.

Susan has written or been featured in numerous articles including Businessweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Directors and Boards, International Herald Tribune, The Financial Times, and others. Her on-air interviews include CNBC, Oprah, The Today Show, CBS Evening News, CNN, and many others. Susan has written eight books, including Selected Quotations that Inspire Us to Think Bigger, Live Better and Laugh Harder, Women on Board: Insider Secrets to Getting on a Board and Succeeding as a Director, and most recently, Betrayed: A Survivor’s Guide to Lying, Cheating, & Double Dealing.

Awards & Honors

Honorary Doctorate of Law from Wheaton College

Visionary Award for Strategic Leadership, WCD

Distinguished Alumni Award, The Shipley School

Distinguished Alumni Award, Wheaton College

Opened or closed the New York, American, and Chilean Stock Exchanges

Awards & Honors

Top 100 Diversity Board Member, Agenda Magazine, 2011

Director to Watch, Directors and Boards Magazine.

Elaine Eisenman, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist who has spent her career as a corporate leader, strategic advisor, executive coach and Corporate Board member. Her focus has always been transformative growth environments. Her industry experience spans consumer goods, retail, financial services, professional services, business education, hospitality and healthcare. She is an expert in helping leaders and their companies smoothly transition through periods of growth and transformation.

Elaine currently serves on the board of directors for DBI Inc, AtmosXR, and Miravan, having served on public and private boards since 1998. She is also the managing director of Saeje Advisors, a strategic advisory firm for high-growth ventures, and a senior advisor to International Entrepreneurship Center, a firm focused on helping non-US companies establish a US market and base. She is a core faculty team member of Babson Entrepreneurial Ecosystem project, working with high growth ventures to drive economic growth in Colombia, Panama, Canada, and the US, and was on the founding faculty team of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business project.

Until recently, she was the Dean of Executive and Enterprise Education and professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson College. Throughout her expansive career, Elaine has worked as a senior executive for companies such as American Express, Enhance Financial Services, The Children’s Place, and PDI International. She’s also consulted with many global companies including BMW, Citibank, AT&T, Colgate Palmolive, Pepsi, and many more.

Elaine is a founding member, chapter co-chair, and a member of the advisory board of WomenCorporateDirectors Foundation (WCD), the only global membership organization, and community of women corporate directors.

In addition, Elaine is the co-author of I Didn’t See It Coming: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Avoid Being Blindsided in Business. She is frequently cited in major publications, such as BusinessWeek, the Wall Street Journal, Directorship, Worth, and many more. She has given workshops on how to take successful career risks as well as how Boards can avoid being blind-sided for many global corporations and organizations.

She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from New York University, an MS from Columbia University, and a BS from Boston University.

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